Adding Nest Aware Subscription

Adding Nest Aware Subscription

Adding Nest Aware Subscription
Adding Nest Aware Subscription

Nest Aware is a good way to keep tabs on your home while you're away. With this subscription, you'll monitor your home from anywhere, and be alerted if one thing uncommon is happening.

Why you ought to add the Nest Aware subscription to your Nest account

If you’re not conversant with the Nest Aware subscription, it’s a service that offers you access to special options and services for your Nest products. 

For example, with a Nest Aware subscription, you can: 

Read a history of events

See a timeline of what happened in your home, like once somebody entered or left a room. 

Get alerts

Understand if there’s an activity in your home when you’re away. 

Share video clips

Provide friends and members of the family access to your camera’s live video feed or recorded video clips. 

Save event videos

Record videos 24/7 and save ten or thirty days of events to your nest account.

How the Nest Aware subscription can benefit you

If you have a Nest Cam, you'll subscribe to Nest Aware to urge continuous recording, exposure alerts, and more. 

You’ll even be ready to save ten or thirty days of footage within the cloud. And if you have got quite one Nest Cam, your subscription covers all of them. 

A subscription to Nest Aware conjointly lets you create Activity Zones. These are custom-made areas among the frame of your camera’s video that you just need to look at closely. 

Once one thing happens in an Activity Zone, you’ll get an alert. You'll create up to four Activity Zones for each camera.

What options are enclosed within the Nest Aware subscription

The subscription provides you with further features, as well as :

  • Nest Cam IQ streaming: Get 24/7 streaming of your direct HD, with the choice to transfer videos and save them for thirty days. 
  • Ten-day video history: return and look at the past 10 days of footage from your Nest Cams. 
  • Activity Zones: Get alerts once Nest Cam IQ sees activity in specific areas of the room. 
  • Clips and time-lapse: produce and save clips from your video history, or create a time-lapse of a day, week, or month. 
  • Person alerts: get alerted once Nest Cam IQ sees a person, albeit they're not sporting facial recognition.

The way to add the Nest Aware subscription to your Nest account

If you wish to use the Nest Aware features, you would like to possess a Nest Aware subscription. You'll subscribe through the Nest app. 

To feature Nest Aware subscription:

  • Open the Nest app and faucet Settings.
  • Tap Add product.
  • Choose your product and tap Manage subscription.
  • Tap add nest aware and observe the instruction

The way to use the options of the Nest Aware subscription

Nest Aware could be a subscription service that offers you extra features for your Nest products, like video history and private alerts. 

Ready to subscribe to Nest Aware through the Nest app. With a Nest Aware subscription,you’ll be able to: 

  • See a continual video history of what’s happened at your home 
  • Get alerts once someone’s at your door or there’s AN activity in your yard
  • Create Activity Zones to specialize in specific areas within the camera’s read 
  • Go back and appear at ten or thirty days of footage, rather than simply 3 hours 
  • Save and proportion pictures and films out of your Nest app

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