How to Sign up for Nest Aware

How to Sign up for Nest Aware

How to Sign up for Nest Aware
How to Sign up for Nest Aware

Nest Aware is Google’s sensible home subscription service that provides perks like cameras, speakers, doorbells, and more. However, how precisely do I come upon my Nest Aware account? Wherever are the relevant mobile app features? And would I like to use a selected app to urge started?

These questions don't seem to be uncommon enough to continually doubt or ponder. Finally, each of the Google Home and Nest apps has various menus and submenus that users should navigate to access the market options. Nest Aware isn’t buried as deeply, however, it’s still one among them.

How to start a Nest Aware subscription

Google Nest cameras and alternative sensible home products have different settings. However, you can't come upon Nest Aware subscriptions. This happens despite the merchandise you use. Setup is feasible from virtually any platform, but the best way is to try to do it from your smartphone. It's treated in and of itself here. You'll be able to conjointly do that from your laptop via the app or the Nest website.

Also, the access technique is slightly completely different, counting on the app you're using. That’s why we’ve split this guide into 2 parts. One for Google Home (for new powered Nest devices) and one for older gadgets. Note that whichever method you use, you want to use an identical account that you simply use for each app.

Use the Google Home app to access Nest Aware

Of course, Nest Aware is easy to urge once you sign in for any app. However, it’s not essentially the foremost intuitive approach. Particularly if this is often your first encroach upon the sensible home, or if you wish to find out the way to navigate additional deeply in your smart home, as a result, Nest Aware setups are buried in deeper menus in each app. 

First Open the Google Home application

If you haven’t signed up yet, you'll bear this process. Effectively follow the initial setup directions provided by Google. Then the primary factor you must do is hunt for Nest Aware underneath Tips at the highest of the page. These are highlighted in the image below. Thus, “chip” is Google’s trademark for the oval frame possibility for photos.

You'll be able to conjointly scroll the hints horizontally if the Nest Aware option isn't on the market on the primary page. However, if you continue to don’t see the option, you must choose Settings instead.

Now scroll down the page till you see the “Features” subheading.

Underneath “Features” you'll see an option referred to as “Nest Aware”.

Once you select Nest Aware, Google Home can show you an outline of your subscription to Associate in Nursing and its features. There's conjointly a choice to sign in for a “30-day trial”.

If you don’t see the thirty-day trial option, you'll have used it before, or it should now not be available. If so, select the choice to launch Nest Aware. Google Home will walk you through the remainder of the steps. It also includes a quick description of accessible subscription options.

Accessing Nest Aware in the Nest App

Nest Aware is currently simply accessible within the Nest app. However, as mentioned above, if you register from the Nest app and use Google Home or another app to manage your sensible home, you’ll use an identical account everywhere.

However, the primary step is to open the Nest app itself. Then you have got to either log in once prompted or tack your login.

Next, Choose the Gear

Shaped settings icon in the higher right corner of the interface.

On the Settings page, scroll to the all-time low of the page. Choose “Nest Aware” from the choices on the market there.

The same as the Google Home app, the Nest app provides an outline of services. Also, just like the Google Home app, you’ll see a start Free Trial button once an attempt is available. However, if you’re not already logged into Nest Aware, you’ll see Associate in Nursing select to log in at the bottom of the page.

Select this option. The Nest app walks you through the setup process, similar to the Google Home app. Contains descriptions of accessible subscription options.

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