What is Kinsta

What is Kinsta?

What is Kinsta

Kinsta was supported in 2013 with a need to vary the standing quo. We have a tendency to start to form the most effective WordPress hosting platform in the world, and that’s our promise. 

At Kinsta, we take managed WordPress hosting and performance to a consequent level. Powered by Google Cloud Platform and their lightning-fast “premium tier” network, WordPress users will select from 28+ information centers around the globe. We have a tendency to host all kinds of sites, from tiny blogs up to Fortune five hundred customers.

Kinsta Is Hooked on Performance

Imagine a car enthusiast building the vehicle of his dreams. That' U.S.A. with WordPress hosting. We have a tendency to love what we do and are hooked on fine-tuning our servers to deliver the most speeds.

Kinsta Is Global

We have a tendency to serve thousands of shoppers from one hundred thirty countries around the globe through our 28+ information centers. The sole continent we haven't reached however is Antarctica.

Kinsta Is Native

Where it's on the globe, we prefer to be locals. That's why we employed a far-off support team that covers all time zones. We have a tendency to conjointly give native-speaking support in half a dozen languages.

Kinsta Is Numerous

Our team is remote-first with some native hubs. This enables us to rent high talent worldwide while not within boundaries. Our diversity is additionally our power. we have a tendency to all return from totally different walks of life, and this widens our unified perspective. It instills an understanding that we are able to use on a usual once interacting with one another or with clients.

Kinsta Loves WordPress

Rather like you, we are all members of the WordPress community: users, developers, and enthusiasts. That's why we built our business around the best CMS in the world. We have a tendency to also attempt to refund whenever we have a tendency to can: supporting native communities, sponsoring WordCamps and meetups, and contributing to WordPress core development.

Kinsta Is Freelance

We have a tendency to be proud to be one of the fastest-growing managed WordPress hosts within the industry. This implies stability for our platform and, consequently, for your site.

Kinsta is deeply frozen in hosting and is here to stay. We have a tendency to bootstrapped our business from the bottom up so we might be in full management of our company. This permits the U.S.A. to repeatedly pioneer and really place our values and those of our customers first.

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