7 Best Apps for Learning English

7 Best Apps for Learning English

7 Best Apps for Learning English
7 Best Apps for Learning English

Among the most important things that a person can learn on his own, the English language can be learned by any of us easily, simply, and in a short time, provided that the method of learning is correct. So this article will address a method that is considered somewhat easy, which is to learn the language of English through mobile applications. We will provide you with the best-specialized applications in this field.

1. Hello Talk

The application focuses more on practicing and speaking the language. It also helps the user find native speakers of the language to communicate with them for free. It also allows you to find answers to questions related to the English language or any other language. You can also share your diary with members of the application. Very simply, this can be summed up by saying that the application is a social network that provides you with a set of tools to interact with members who are users of the application in a very easy and fun way.

2. Hello, English

A very excellent application for those who want to learn the language, the program provides you with an interface in every language, which means that you can learn English in whatever language you speak. You can learn daily through a special interface for lessons that includes more than 470 lessons; there is also an interface for homework; and others are for exercises. In addition, you can at any time communicate with teachers who specialize in the English language to inquire and ask about the problems that stand before you in the educational stages.

3. Duolingo

A very effective application, the application is completely free, and there is a paid version for those who wish to support the project. Like other applications, you can learn anytime and anywhere. The application provides you with useful lessons in a simple and fun template and gives you immediate answers from To find out and correct your mistakes, the number of users in the application has exceeded fifty million people around the world. In summary, Duolingo can be considered one of the most powerful platforms currently available for learning English or any other language.

4. Ted App

The application works to spread the culture and awareness of everyone in the world, and it should be noted that TED is a global non-profit organization. The application will help you master the English language and improve pronunciation in a short period of time through distinctive educational videos.

5. Busuu

A platform for learning different languages around the world is characterized by the presence of many features that make many people interested in studying languages around the world prefer to use them. This program was launched in 2009; initially, it was a website, and by 2010, applications for smart mobile devices were launched. The program is a great success; it has become a certificate for the person who completes the educational stage of languages, and the application also enables you to study more than ten languages for Arabic speakers.

6. Memorize

It is among the most successful applications in the field of online language education; it offers you many services in a very professional manner; it has received many awards and evaluations from those interested in this field; it is characterized by being suitable for all age groups; and it also allows you to speak through it. Pronunciation improvement training, in addition to the many features that make Memorize admired by millions of users around the world,.

7. Babbel

The application was invented by a German company to help people overcome the barrier of foreign languages. It has become one of the competitors for many other applications specialized in the field of language education. All you have to do is install the application, create your account for free, and then go on the learning journey.

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