Short story

Short story

Short story

It is a narration of real or fictional events, and it may be poetry or prose, and it is narrated to arouse the interest of listeners and readers and to entertain and educate them.

The most beautiful short stories

 The two pigeons and the turtle

 It is said that two beautiful pigeons decided to travel and stay away from the brook, which they lived next to for a long time due to the lack of water in it. With them, they brought a strong stick that each of them held by one end and asked the turtle to bite on this stick so that it could fly with it, and warned her not to open her mouth no matter what, because this would lead to her falling,

 the turtle agreed to that and promised them to carry out what they asked of her, and she flew The two doves are above the forest until some people saw the two doves and the tortoise and said: Wow, two doves carry a turtle and fly with it!! The tortoise could not control itself, so it said: May God protect your eyes, what has entered you? She fell after the lute escaped her mouth and broke her ribs, and she said crying: This is the result of a lot of talking and not keeping the promise.

King's sole

It is said that a king was ruling a very large and vast country, and this king wanted one day to go out on a long trip, but his feet were swollen and hurt him during the trip, he walked a lot on rough roads, and therefore he issued a decree stipulating that all the streets of his country be covered with skin, but one of his advisors He was clever, so he gave him a good opinion, which was to put a small piece of leather just under the king's feet, and this was the beginning of the soles of the shoes.

The tale of the eagle

 A female eagle was living on the tops of a mountain, and laying her nest on one of the trees scattered on that mountain, and one day the female eagle lay four eggs, but a violent earthquake shook the mountain, and one of the eggs fell from the nest, then it rolled down until it settled In a chicken coop, one of the chickens took her and cuddled her until she hatched, and a small eagle emerged from her. 

The hens raised the eagle chick with their chicks, so he began to grow up with the chicks and learn with them, and all this time he kept thinking that he was a chicken, and one day the little eagle was playing with the chicks in the square, so he saw a group of eagles flying high, so he wished that he could fly like her, But the chickens began to mock and ridicule him, and one of the chickens said to him: “You are a chicken, and you will fly like eagles.” The little eagle is said a lot, but he surrendered and forgot his dream of flying in the sky, and soon died after living a long life like a chicken.

Contentment is an inexhaustible treasure

It came in the old stories that a king wanted to give a bounty to one of his citizens, so he said to him: “Own all the spaces of the land that you can cross on your feet.” So the man rejoiced and proceeded to walk across the land hurriedly and jogging madly, and walked a long distance and got tired, so he thought of returning to the king To give him the area of ​​land that he crossed, but he changed his mind, he felt that he could go a greater distance, and he resolved to continue walking, so he walked long distances, and he thought of returning to the king, content with the distance he had traveled, but he hesitated again and decided to continue walking until it happened on more.

Ambition trap

One day, two fishermen went to catch fish. One of them caught a large fish, put it in his basket, and decided to return to his home. The other fisherman asked him: "Where are you going?!" He replied, “I will go home, I have caught a very big fish.” The man replied, “It is better to catch more fish.” His friend asked him, “Why should I do that?” The man replied:

Because then you can sell fish in the market.” His friend asked him: “Why do I sell fish?” He said: “To get more money,” his friend asked him: “Why would I do that?” The man replied: “Because then you can save it and increase your balance.” In the bank.” He asked him: “And I didn’t do that?” The man replied: “So that you become rich.” The friend asked him: “And what do I do when I become rich?” The man replied, “Then one day you can enjoy your time with your wife and children,” and he said To him the wise friend: "And this is exactly what I am doing now, and I would rather not delay it until I squander my life!"

The fruits of honesty

It is said that a youthful ruler needed to wed a young lady with a level of ethics, so he requested the issuance of a regal pronouncement asking each young lady who wanted to be his bride to come to the magnificent royal palace tomorrow at eight in the morning, the promised day came and the girls gathered in the palace square Each in her best looks, and the prince stood and greeted them and called them, and told them that he would hold a contest that would crown the one in which a queen would win the throne of his heart, and that he would give each of them a planting basin in which there was a seed, and he asked each of them to take care of this seed in her way, 

provided that she would return here. A month later, the girls took their pots and left with surprises by this strange contest, and one of these girls was a beautiful girl named Maria, and Maria diligently watered and took care of her seed, but she never noticed its growth throughout the month, so she decided that she would not go to the palace tomorrow because her seed did not It grows, but Aunt Diana convinced her to go, especially as she made every effort she could to take care of this seed.

Maria went to the palace with her basin without plants, and she was all ashamed when she saw that the girls were carrying plants of different shapes and colors in their hands, Maria was about to return home and tears were overwhelmed her, but the minister who was wandering in the square asked her to go up with him to the platform to meet the prince, Maria was stunned And she went up troubled with him to the podium, the prince saluted her and said: I have commended the minister to give each of you a planting tank in which there is a rotten seed, to see what you will do with it. Accordingly, the Prince announced Maria's victory in the competition and asked her to marry him amid the astonishment of all the con artists.

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