Most common sentences in English

Most common sentences in English

Most common sentences in English

In any country, we find that the English language curricula are full of many English sentences that are difficult for students to memorize, or understand in order to use them in writing a paragraph in English, or even in daily life, yet we have to recognize the benefits of learning English as it is the second language in many countries Arabic, which is important when applying for a job, and is of great importance when helping children study and study.

English phrases used daily

After learning the English letters and mastering them well, and mastering the memorization and writing of words, you can easily form a useful sentence, which you use in a specific situation, but if you cannot, we will help you by providing useful English sentences in daily life, and they are widely used daily:

  • Good morning 
  • Good afternoon  
  • Good night  
  • It’s time for breakfast  
  • It’s time for lunch
  • It’s time for dinner 
  • How do you do 
  • Take care your self  
  • Be careful  
  • Good job  
  • Don’t worry  
  • Everything is ready  
  • Can you help me  
  • Here you are 
  • I want a sandwich

English phrases used for greeting

There are many phrases that are used to greet a stranger, a friend, offer congratulations, condolences and other things as follows:

  • I'm sorry for hearing that
  • You should be pessimist
  • You're strong
  • Great
  • How are you
  • How do you do
  • What's up
  • Hello
  • Hey
  • good morning
  • Good luck
  • Happy birthday
  • Happy new year
  • Happy anniversary
  • Happy day
  • Happy trip

English phrases for conversation

Conversation is the best way to follow if you are wondering how to learn English, as it enables you to practice the English language more effectively, and the following are examples of the most frequently used sentences in different conversations:

Phrases for shopping conversation

  • I need shopping
  • How much is this
  • I need trying it
  • Are you accepting visa
  • Where is the department of women
  • Do you have a discount
  • I want one kilo of tomatoes
  • Here your money
  • Can you help me
  • Can I help you
  • I need a room
  • Single or double room
  • I go to the pool
  • Please, check me out
  • Room services
  • I want my breakfast, please

Phrases for conversation at home

  • good morning
  • I'll late today
  • Eat your breakfast
  • I want my pocket money
  • Please , prepare the table for lunch
  • We have meat for dinner
  • I want apple juice, please
  • Where is my green shirt?
  • I'm doing laundry
  • Take the rubbish out

Phrases for school conversation

  • good morning
  • Where's the home work
  • I have an answer
  • Can I answer
  • Please , repeat this again
  • Can you explain this lesson , please
  • Phrases for conversation at work
  • Good job
  • Good idea
  • He works hard
  • Print this paper, please
  • The manager wants you; The manager wants you
  • Can I left a message for manager;
  • I'll show them my project tomorrow

Most used English sentences

There are many phrases that are frequently used among people, which you can use many times such as;

  • excuse me
  • sorry
  • forgive me
  • How are you
  • What's your name
  • What's your address
  • What's your telephone number
  • Write to me
  • I'll call you at other time
  • I'm at home .
  • I'm at the market
  • Close the window, please
  • Make your bed, please
  • Exchange the TV channel, please
  • I want to go to hospital .
  • I go to my work on foot
  • We go to club by bus

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