Deep Love Story

Deep love story

Deep love story

Soldier and Fortune

A poor young man fell taken with a woman from a rich family, and he projected to her propose to her, however, her family didn't agree due to the difference in their financial situation, but the young man insisted on proving himself to her parents, so he worked hard and proposed again and proved to her family, so they knew that the young man was serious, so they agreed to the engagement, but the marriage He was postponed because he was a soldier in the army and had to move away from his country and her because of the war, and they agreed that he would return after the war to complete the marriage. And one-day tragedy occurred; Where the girl was driving her car back home, and she was hit by a speeding car, so the girl's family rushed to the hospital, and the girl got out of danger. 

When she woke up, she noticed signs of astonishment and shock in her family, and their silence continued with crying only, so she asked with groaning and pain and felt her face, so she realized what happened, and she understood That her face was completely deformed, and she began to cry and began to say things such as she became ugly, she became a monster, and she cried with burning. 

The girl took control of herself again and told her parents that she wanted to end her relationship with the young man because he would not want her while she was deformed, and she made the decision to do so and did not want to see him again and began to act accordingly, except that he kept writing to and career her by phone, but she did not answer any of that.

So, he understood that she wanted to get away from him and leave him, but one day the surprise happened, so her mother entered her room and said to her: He has returned from the war. The girl was surprised and refused to meet him before knowing why he came, so her mother said to her, “He came to invite you to his wedding,” so she opened the marriage card in astonishment, and found that the name of the bride written was her name, and then she began to cry heartily, and at that moment the young man entered carrying a bouquet of roses and knelt ahead of her and same: would you marry me? That the woman lined her face and said to him: I'm ugly and hateful, however, can you relate to me? He said to her: once you didn't answer, I contacted your mother and saw your picture, however despite that, nothing modified in my heart for you, as a result of I white-haired you, not your face.

True Love

There was a man named Waseem, and this man was married to a woman he loved very much called Maria, and one day the wife was doing her morning exercise and running near the hill in the village where they lived, so she fell and was severely injured and begged her husband to save her, but here the disaster happened, so it was The hospital is very far away, and if they wanted to reach it, they would have to go around the hill, but his wife could not bear it and die. Waseem was very shocked, and in fulfillment of her decision, he decided to dig a road across the hill connecting directly between his village and the city and name it after it, so he started carving the hill, that he was subjected to a lot of criticism and ridicule, and everyone underestimated his abilities and told him that what he is doing is a fantasy, and he will not be able to do it, but that On the contrary, it increased his determination, so he worked on digging the road for twenty-two years till he finished it and consummated his dream and named it once his wife, Maria. 

The Loyal Old Man 

One day an old man went to a doctor's clinic to remove stitches in his foot after he had an accident, so the doctor arrived at his clinic at ten o'clock in the morning, so the old man entered the doctor in a hurry asking the doctor to remove them quickly, so the doctor asked him: Why are you in such a hurry? The old man said to him, I have an important appointment with my wife at the nursing home at half past ten, so the doctor asked him, why is your wife in the nursing home? He said to him: She does not remember me, because she has Alzheimer's disease and cannot remember anything, so she does not live with me, so the doctor asked him: Will she be angry if I am late? The man cried and said: I hope she remembers me, but she hasn't been like that for years. 

The doctor was surprised and asked: Then why do you visit her when she doesn't remember you? The old man replied: Son, if she doesn't remember me, I still am. 

The Sacrificial Lover 

A young man and a girl were working together in a chemical laboratory, and they loved each other very much, so they spent a lot of time with each other. By using a chemical substance, the substance fell from it and touched her eyes, and when she was taken to the hospital, the doctors said that she had lost her eyes and would go blind, but one of them donated his eyes to her with his desire not to mention his name, so the girl recovered and was discharged from the hospital, and in the meantime, the young man completely disappeared from her life, so she kept searching About him until I discovered his presence in a specific place, so I went to him, and when I approached him, he did not move a finger, and he was wearing glasses and crying with a burn, and when she called him, he was surprised by her presence in the place and tried to pretend not to cry. She searches for him, then they get married and live a happy life.

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