English numbers with writing in sentences

English numbers with writing in sentences

English numbers with writing in sentences

English Numbers, you may feel difficult to write in letters or articles, but it is much easier if you practice reading and studying a good number of phrases that include numbers of different categories, this method gives you at first the ability to use numbers intuitively without having to get into its own rules.

English numbers

In this lesson, a new set of phrases and phrases commonly used in our life situations, at home, at work, with family and friends, and in speaking with those around us, we have taken into account that these phrases include written English numbers.

52 Sentences of English numbers

  1. My brother has one bracelet and seven rings
  2. There are six windows in our house
  3. Twenty-five people came to my birthday party
  4. There are four cats in the garden
  5. Two wonderful dresses
  6. Each person has three meals and one bottle of water
  7. The duration of this song is five minutes
  8. The second five seats are reserved
  9. Four papers on the table
  10. My brother has two colored pencils
  11. I picked one white rose
  12. I saw one cow on my grandfather's farm
  13. My friend has three sisters
  14. Our house overlooks three gardens
  15. The English language has twenty-six characters
  16. I went to the club in just thirty minutes
  17. I will start reading the fifth chapter of the novel now
  18. The book contains four parts
  19. Nine lost papers
  20. Twelve samples are designed for this dress
  21. I read this book except for sixty-one pages
  22. The ten questions were answered correctly
  23. I'll go with twenty-three other people on a cruise
  24. I won't be busy for two hours
  25. Seventeen decorated sheets were printed
  26. I will be in the USA for thirteen days
  27. The duration of the lecture is thirty-five minutes
  28. Nine contestants participated in the program
  29. You will go to work five days a week
  30. Twenty-five Chinese representatives are waiting for you at the office
  31. The tall of my friend is one hundred and fifty centimeters
  32. A decision was taken to remove nineteen houses in this area
  33. .I saw three huge planes at the airport
  34. .Four colorful birds stand on the tree
  35. .Dad planted three jasmine trees
  36. Thirty-tow countries approved the resolution
  37. I will answer all your questions within sixty-eight hours
  38. Do not come after three o'clock in the afternoon
  39. It will stop after thirty-three hours
  40. Five hundred and forty students enrolled in the new school
  41. We will leave at ten in the morning from the exact location
  42. This bus is enough for sixty-five people
  43. Seventy-four men were registered to stand for election
  44. There are five hundred and fifty cherry tow on the farm
  45. Eight children playing in the street
  46. Our family is six people
  47. You must enter from the seventh gate
  48. I want you to write me five pieces of information about the computer
  49. You now have forty-three points
  50. The Rainbow consists of three beautiful colors
  51. I found ninth different colors on the table
  52. The second lecture will begin soon

We hope in the end that you have enjoyed studying the previous sentences, knew how they are formed, and were able to insert English numbers written in letters inside them so that you are ready to write letters, articles, or any text.

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