Conjugate the verb take

Conjugate the verb take

Conjugate the verb take

The Conjugation of the Verb Take) take is the subject of our next article. We will talk about the conjugation of main verbs in the English language, but we will confine the detailed explanation to the verb (Take).

In our next article, we will talk about the conjugation of the verb take, as well as list many examples.

Verb Take

The verb Take is considered the main verb and is considered an irregular verb. These verbs do not fall under any of the well-known second or third conjugation rules, unlike regular verbs, but their conjugations are preserved as is.

There are three forms of conjugation for any main verb in English:

  • The first participle (Present form)
  • The second participle (Past form)
  • The third participle (Past participle)

Our example for today is:

take → took → taken

First participle (Present form)

It is the verb in its simplest form, and it is the first form, and it must be taken into account to add one of the letters (s / es) after the verb in the case of using the third person pronouns (He - She - It).

  • I always send my girlfriend too many messages, but she takes hours to respond
  • We take care of our money
  • I always take the bus at 7 in the morning

Second participle (Past form)

It is used in forming sentences of the simple past tense, and one of the letters (ed/d/ied) is added at the end of the verb according to the rule used, and some verbs do not need to be added, such as (Put), and irregular verbs are completely different from the infinitive, such as the past of the verb (Take). ) and he (Took).

  • The student took the lesson
  • I didn't take the exam

We note when using (didn't) for negation, that we return the main verb to the first conjugation.

Third participle (Past participle)

It comes after the perfect tenses, which are preceded by (have/has/had), and the verb conjugation is either similar to the second conjugation in some cases, or completely different from the two conjugations, so the third conjugation of the verb (Take) becomes (Taken).

  • I have taken 30 photos until now
  • He has taken a lot of useful advice

With this, we have come to the conclusion of our article entitled “Conjugation of the verb takes.” We hope that it won your admiration and provided you with the desired benefit in the simplest possible way.

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