Short stories for kids

Short stories for kids 

Short stories for kids

If you are looking for new and fun stories for your children, we offer you from the site ( stories for children before going to sleep.

Read to your child and teach him/her the love of reading with stories, educational illustrated stories, and funny stories for children.

Story: In our house, a cow is laying eggs

Here in the village and at our house, there is a very large cow, its color tends to be dark black with some white

She spent most of the day in a spacious room near the house, where her food and drink came to her.

Every day I saw my mother bring out a basket of eggs from the cow's room, as well as a bucket of pure white milk.

My mother used to fry me and my siblings a few eggs, and heat the delicious milk for us.

After we had breakfast, my mother would put the rest of the eggs in a little basket and take them away with the bucket of milk

To the shop that my father owns, where he sells fresh eggs and delicious milk with some simple things.

And every day this incident was repeated.. until I thought that the cow we had was in the large, spacious room close to the house is the one that lays eggs.

I did not know that there was another room attached to the room in which the cow lived and that there were a group of chickens in it

Beautiful colored municipal, and this room had a second door overlooking a small garden where chickens gather.

Where you eat, play, and have fun.

I thought for a long time: How can this huge cow, which is many times larger than her?

More than ten times my size, how could she lay a small egg of that size?

I used to tell myself that the eggs of this huge cow must be at least my size.

And one day, my mother gave us good news. She said to us while we were at the breakfast table: Good news for you, children. Our cow is pregnant

And in a few weeks, we will have a new little cow.

And so on.

I was very happy with this news. I thought that the new cow would come from an egg laid by the huge cow.

Because I knew that the hen also lays eggs, and her eggs come from the young chicks.

I waited for a long time for the day when my mother would come to tell us: Congratulations to you, my children. We have a chick.

One day, at night, I heard an abnormal movement in the cow's room. In the morning, I entered a room with my mother

The cow to see the new baby.. and when I saw it, I was amazed at its size.. so I said to Myself: There is no doubt that the cow laid a big egg.

When I got a little older, I laughed a lot at myself after my serious discovery, in which I knew that cows do not ovulate, but give birth.

Story: I will not leave my land

Once upon a time

A beautiful parrot lived in a beautiful house, on a tree branch.

He spends long hours singing, enjoying the beauty of nature around him, without being disturbed by anyone.

And one day a little bird came trembling with fright, and he said:

The fox came claiming that this beautiful forest belonged to his ancestors from a long time ago, and it is now his property!

The birds shouted, denouncing this claim, and asserting their ownership of this forest.

The parrot said: Let's unite together so that this fox can't take over our forest.

The owl shouted: The fox is stronger than us, and he has modern weapons that we do not have, and he has proof of ownership of the land.

Then the parrot shouted angrily: Shut up, owls, this is our forest, and we will not give up an inch in it. Shut up!

A few days later, the fox came with a big gun, and started shooting here and there... until he scared the birds away.

And she started running away here and there. And the owls shouted to them: Run. Save yourselves. The fox will eat you. Run away

The birds fled, and the parrot remained steadfast in its house, defending it with all its might while shouting:

Come, O birds. Do not give up. This is our forest and we will defend it with our lives. Come.

Suddenly, a treacherous bullet hit the heart of this brave parrot. and he fell to the ground bleeding.

The birds looked from afar and were very sad about what happened to their friend, the parrot. 

The Black Owl said to themDidn't I tell you that the fox is stronger than us?? Let's look for another forest.

A little bird shouted: No. No. I will not leave my land. Here is the parrot defending the forest.. until he was martyred.

I too will defend the forest until I die, or expel this usurper occupier.

What did the birds do next?!!.

The birds looked at the courage of this little sparrow, then turned around and agreed on a clever plan.

Each bird carried a small stone in its beak, then they attacked the fox like a single bird.

And they threw stones at his head until he fell dead.

Then they came to the martyred parrot, and carried him in a majestic funeral befitting this great martyr while saying:

On your path, we will always walk, martyr. We will never leave our land to strangers.

As for the black owl, the birds expelled him from the forest, after they were sure of his employment and agreement with this usurping fox.

Story: The amazing balloon flight

At once

Maher got annoyed with the big balloon after he snatched it from his little brother Mazen, and she was happy with him

And he started crying hard because of his brother's behavior. Maher started playing with the balloon violently, and he took a needle and tried

He planted it in it, and the balloon took advantage of strong winds, so it escaped from his hands and flew flying in the sky.

The sky and went on a journey away from the naughty child Maher, the wind took her far until she passed me

Giant tree The balloon looked at the tree and found a little bird in its nest among its branches

He does not see a snake crawling on the tree in cunning and calmness, to reach the nest to eat the little bird.

The balloon did not hesitate for a moment and flew quickly to the snake and started hitting it. 

In pain, he fled from this wondrous balloon, and I saved the little bird.

Then she flew with the wind until she passed a small lake, and found a bee that had fallen in it and was about to drown, so the balloon tried to help her and pushed her, until she reached the shore, so she thanked her for saving her life.

Then she flew into the open air until she saw a child sitting sad and crying on the balcony of his house.

So she flew to him quickly, and stood in front of him, so the sad child wiped his tears and caught them.

He smiled and started playing with her. Then he took the crayon and wrote on the balloon HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Oh Sam, so I asked him who the balloon was from Sam?!… He said I am Sam and my mother passed away a week before my birthday.

And so, my little one.

She used to give me a balloon every birthday, and write this sentence on it.

The balloon answered him: It is the year of life, Sam, and you must believe in fate and destiny.

And to live life, study your lessons, and strive to achieve all your dreams.

And I will be with you forever, Sam, and I will never fly again.

Sam hugged the balloon with love and joy.

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