Travel Expressions in English

Travel Expressions in English

Travel Expressions in English

Important English phrases in travel and the airport, words about travel in English translated, and phrases that help the traveler to understand the airport staff or flight attendants. They are words for the traveler and phrases in English to any country where English is the first language in the world.

Important English phrases for travel

Important English phrases for travel and airports, and words about travel in English that benefit the traveler in booking tickets and knowing the take-off time and his needs on board the plane to customs and exit from the airport.

1. English sentences used at the airport ticket office

To book a ticket says:

  • Where do I check In
  • Please I want to book a ticket for the next flight to
  • I would like a one-way ticket/return ticket to….?
  • I am flying economy/ business/ first class
  • One business class ticket

To confirm your reservation:

  • I`d like to reconfirm a booking
  • To cancel the reservation say:
  • Cancel this booking, please
  • I want to change my booking
  • I would like to cancel my ticket to Spain
  • When asked about the ticket price, she says:
  • How much is the ticket?
  • Is there any discount
  • I want to reserve a seat next to my friend

When asked about the date of the trip, she says:

  • I would like to know what time my flight leaves

When asked about whether there is a stopover on the flight and how long it will last, she says:

  • Is there a stopover?
  • How long is the stopover in….?
  • I have a connecting flight to
  • To find out the flight number:
  • What is my flight number?
  • To tell about the flight number you say:
  • My flight number is

When the flight is delayed, she says:

  • Do you know why my flight is delayed?
  • What time does the flight from...arrive?

When asked about the permissible weight, it says:

  • How many pieces of handbag/ handbag am I allowed?
  • What is the allowed luggage weight?
  • I`d like to send this baggage to

2. English sentences for the traveler to be used inside the airport

  • What gate number?
  • What is my boarding gate?
  • When is boarding time?
  • Will this flight leave on time?
  • How much is the excess baggage charge?
  • I only have things for personal use
  • I missed my flight. Could you help me, please?

3. English sentences for the traveler used on the plane

  • Where is this seat?
  • May I recline my seat?
  • Would you please get me a blanket
  • Could you give me a pillow, please
  • Do you have an English newspaper
  • A bottle of juice, please
  • Can I have another drink
  • What time are we boarding?

4. English sentences and phrases upon completion of exit procedures from the airport

  • Here is my passport
  • Would you please stamp my passport?
  • What is the purpose of your visit?
  • I am visiting family
  • I am a tourist
  • I am on a business trip
  • I am on vacation
  • This is my first visit
  • I am here for … day

5. Sentences and phrases in English for the traveler after completing all procedures

  • Could you tell me where I can change my money?
  • Could you tell me where I can rent/hire a car?

Thus, we have presented important English sentences in travel and words about travel in English translated, which are all English sentences and phrases for the traveler, which are useful to him in booking tickets and while he is at the airport, and the sentences used on the plane and upon arrival.

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