Dallas Car Accident Lawyers

Dallas Car Accident Lawyers

Dallas Car Accident Lawyers
Dallas Car Accident Lawyers

Are you worried about the medical bills, incomprehensible time at work, and alternative financial losses that you just have incurred attributable to the injury caused to you due to somebody else’s car driving in Dallas, TX? Our Dallas car accident lawyers’ legal experience and profound data are the most effective assets to possess on your aspect to induce fairly stipendiary for injuries caused in car crashes.

Well, then by the law of the state, you have got proper to get compensated. However, it's not as straightforward to get the compensation that you lawfully merit from the third party or their insurance company. Most of the time, insurers attempt to scale back the number of compensation to differences of opinion that the victim was at fault.

You want to have active and aggressive automotive wreck lawyers to create a positive that this doesn’t happen to you and make sure you get a truthful price for your claim. At Thompson Law, our Dallas car accident lawyers do that higher than anyone within the personal injury space.

You'll reckon our Dallas car accident lawyers to sharply fight your case and obtain you full and fair compensation for the losses and pain that you just have suffered attributable to the accident. At Thompson Law, we tend to handle all cases on a fee basis. this implies that you don’t ought to pay our Dallas car accident lawyers till we recover money for you. Call us nowadays for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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Dallas Car Accident Statistics & Common Causes

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) tracks each car accident in Texas through its Crash Records system (CRIS) by getting crash reports from every town and county within the State. TxDOT then aggregates these crash reports each year to investigate how car collisions have modified over the years.

Dallas Car Accidents Statistics

In 2021 in Dallas, TX, there have been 35,355 automobile crashes (one crash roughly every fifteen minutes) that included:

  • Fatality crashes: 206 fatal crashes that crystal rectifier to the deaths of 227 people
  • Serious injury crashes: 1,075 serious crashes that resulted in 1,284 folks sustaining serious injuries
  • Minor injury crashes: 3,928 minor crashes that crystal rectifier to 5,333 individuals receiving minor injuries
  • Attainable injury crashes: 5,876 possible injury crashes which resulted in 9,639 presumably injured individuals
  • No injury crashes: 21,644 non-injury crashes during which 61,492 vehicle occupants were unhurt
  • Unknown severity crashes: 3,596 car crashes of unknown severity resulted in unknown injuries to 16,748 persons.

Dallas County car Accidents Statistics

All told of Dallas County in 2021 there have been 55,634 total crashes that included:

  • Fatality crashes: 324 fatal crashes which crystal rectifier to the deaths of 352 people
  • Serious injury crashes: 1,646 serious crashes that resulted in 1,963 folks sustaining serious injuries
  • Minor injury crashes: 6,681 minor crashes led to 8,925 individuals receiving minor injuries
  • Attainable injury crashes: 9,577 possible injury crashes which resulted in 15,301 presumably injured individuals
  • No injury crashes: 33,810 non-injury crashes during which 99,268 vehicle occupants were unhurt
  • Unknown severity incidents: 3,596 unknown severity crashes resulted in unknown injuries to 16,748 persons.

Commonest Causes of Car Accidents in Dallas, TX

the foremost common causes of automotive accidents that are reported by the Dallas department of local government in 2021 were:

  • Didn't control speed: 7,503 collisions
  • Didn't drive in a single lane: 4,184 collisions
  • Changed lane once unsafe: 4,090 collisions
  • Didn't yield right of approach turning left: 2,476 collisions
  • Followed too closely: 2,444 collisions
  • Ignoring the stop-and-go signal: 2,250 collisions.
  • Faulty evasive action: 2,016 collisions
  • Unsafe speed: 1,802 collisions

If you or a dearest was bruised by the negligent actions of another driver, decision our Dallas car accident lawyers nowadays for a FREE CASE REVIEW.

What should I Do after a car Accident?

Steps to take once a car Accident

It doesn't matter whether or not you reside in Dallas, were visiting Dallas for a concert or sporting event, or were simply traveling through Dallas when your accident occurred – the Dallas injury lawyers at Thompson Law will help.

If you were severely bruised in your accident, you must now ask for medical help for your injuries. Once your condition is stable, you must contact the intimate Dallas car accident lawyers at Thompson Law to file a claim against the negligent driver.

However, if you're physically capable of moving and standing once the car crash, then you should make sure to require the following steps:

1. Stop and Move to Safety

No matter the severity of the collision, you want to stop being cited for a hit-and-run accident per American state Transportation Code § 550.022. Also, if you can move to a secure location off the route to avoid being the victim of a secondary collision. you will conjointly wish to place on your hazard lights to signal alternative drivers that AN accident has occurred.

2. Dial 911

Calling 911 in an emergency, appreciate a car accident, will alert the Dallas department of local government and EMS to figure out on to guarantee your safety, make a crash report, and contact an ambulance if needed.

3. Give an Honest Statement

Your statement to the police ought to describe however you suspect the accident happened, however, don't apologize for the accident because it is often construed as an admission of fault, even once you are expressing it in politeness. never treat however you're feeling physical or enable AN insurance claims adjuster to record your statement, and don't comment on social media concerning your accident as insurance companies will use it against you later. Our Dallas car accident lawyers can acquire your Dallas crash report and work to ascertain liability with the insurance companies based mostly on the report and alternative evidence.

4. Collect data and Take Pictures

Take photos of each thing, as this early post-accident information will function as the premise for your injury claim. you must take photos of every vehicle concerned in the collision to indicate property harm and establish a basis for the mechanism of injury because of the force of the collision. Once collection knowledge from the opposite drivers – driver's licenses, insurance cards, license plates, vehicle identification numbers (VIN) – make sure to require photos in addition to writing the data down, therefore you'll guarantee the accuracy of the data.

5. Scan for Evidence

Look to see if anyone witnessed or captured the accident, parenthetically with a splash camera or cameras at near businesses.

6. Ask for Medical Treatment

Obtaining medical treatment once an accident is vital both for guaranteeing your physical health, and ascertaining a causative relationship between your injuries and also the accident.

7. Document Everything

Personal injury claims will take time to resolve, therefore it's crucial to document your injuries in photos even before they heal (e.g., bruising, lacerations, abrasions, scarring). you'll have incomprehensible work, so it is necessary to document lost wages. usually, property but the vehicle itself is broken in accidents (e.g., laptop computer computers, mobile phones), so document that damage and retain any repair receipts.

8. Decision Our Dallas automotive Accident Lawyers

Insurance claims involving a private injury attorney are shown to lead to up to a 3x increase in compensation to victims of automotive accidents, versus claims handled severally by AN individual. Our Dallas car accident lawyers have a powerful record of providing wonderful results for our clients, and we stand able to assist together with your claim.

Remember, it's the task of insurance adjusters to scale back insurance claims payouts. they need no interest in you obtaining your full and truthful compensation. Thus, ne'er sign any release, authorization, or something for the insurer of the party at fault. If you were hurt in a wreck, Call us nowadays for a FREE CONSULTATION.

How Much Compensation Can I Receive for a Car Wreck?

American state laws regarding car accidents acknowledge the proper of AN accident victim to get full compensation for the damages they incur in an accident caused by the negligence of another driver. The kinds of money compensation accident victims might ask for under Texas law are lawfully brought up as “damages”. These damages in civil claims comprise 2 broad categories: special damages and general damages.

What are Special Damages in Injury Claims?

Special damages are usually referred to as economic damages since they're payments created by the at-fault party in an exceeding car collision to hide the accident victim’s financial losses from the crash. Examples of common special damages in injury lawsuits include:

  • Medical bills, appreciate doctor’s visits, physical therapy, treatment care, prescription medications, medical devices, pain management, surgical procedures, or life-care prices
  • Lost financial gain or wages
  • Transport property damage
  • Harm to alternative belongings
  • Replacement services, such as home improvement or field maintenance

Special damages are usually straightforward to calculate since they involve a particular financial loss to the accident victim. Our Dallas automotive accident lawyers can acquire medical bills, invoices, and alternative money documents to calculate the economic damages you're owed.

What are general damages in Injury Claims?

Indemnity is less simply quantitative since they are doing not involve a group monetary loss from an accident. Rather, general damages are supposed to catch up on non-monetary, real losses such as:

  • Physical, mental, and emotional pain and suffering
  • Minimized enjoyment of life
  • Disability, impairment, or disfigurement
  • In decease claims, loss of consortium, companionship, and society
  • In cases of utmost recklessness, appreciate drunk driving, smart money could also be on the market

Whereas it's not clear how insurers price these kinds of damage caused by a car crash, and insurance adjusters doubtless talk to jury verdicts within the county during which the accident occurred to calculate these awards. Thus, it is necessary to talk with the knowledgeable actus rues attorneys at Thompson Law to assist assess the overall damages available to you in your case. Our Dallas car accident lawyers can work to make sure you acquire the complete value of those non-economic damages.

No quantity of cash will catch up on the harm to your health and well-being following a car accident, nor for the decease of a dearest. However, filing an injury claim in the United States will bring victims some relief by covering their economic losses and providing a way of closure and justice. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in an automobile accident, decision our Dallas car accident lawyers nowadays for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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