10 Insects Name in English with Pictures

10 Insects Name in English with Pictures

10 Insects Name in English with Pictures

The names of insects are very many, given that they are among the most numerous and widespread creatures, as they live in all environments, whether it is an agricultural, desert, mountainous, water environment, or otherwise. Physical characteristics and formal colors are commensurate with the environment in which you live.


Insects are creatures that live in nations like humans, and they have their precise system and laws that appear in how to manage the colony in which they live, how to distribute tasks among its members, and the hard work of the colony’s members, so there is no laxity or delay in work. Always a leader and guards to protect from any external aggression, and there are working individuals assigned to all jobs and life tasks.

10 Names of the most famous insects with pictures

In this topic, we present to you 20 names in Arabic and English (the scientific term) for the most famous insects with pictures of these insects for easy identification in terms of external shape, color, size, etc. You will certainly see strange insects that you have not seen before, and other insects familiar to us and we see them in the environment surrounding us.

1. Agrypnus notodonta

Agrypnus notodonta is one of the names of insects known in the agricultural environment, and sometimes it reaches the homes of the city adjacent to the agricultural lands.

2. Anthrenus pimpinella

Anthrenus pimpinella is one of the names of insects that live and reside on clothes that are not exposed to ventilation for a long time, such as clothes that are stored for long periods, whether they are in the stores of companies and factories, or if these clothes were stored personally in the cupboards or wardrobe for a long time, such as if the person traveled and left the clothes Without any ventilation for long periods, as the moth is one of the insects harmful to clothes, and therefore we find that most people put materials to keep clothes from moths, such as naphthalene and others.

3. Blatta orientalis

Blatta orientalis is one of the well-known names of insects that are found in garbage and trash cans, and it multiplies terribly, which disturbs people, as it can live and multiply in homes, especially in the kitchen, where there are leftovers of food, as well as garbage and waste. One of the names of harmful insects that every person hates.

4. Ctenocaphalides files

Ctenocaphalides files are one of the well-known names of insects, especially among those who raise cats in their homes, as they are present with them everywhere in the house, especially in sleeping places such as beds, furniture, etc., which fears transmission and spread of these insects, and there is no doubt that taking care of the cleanliness of domestic animals is very important To maintain the health of the animal, whether it is a cat, a dog, or otherwise, and at the same time preserve the health of those in contact with animals, periodic examination by the specialist doctor is very important because cat excrement is one of the harmful insects that can transmit diseases.

5. Culex pipiens

Culex pipiens is one of the names of the very famous insects that are associated with pain, as the house mosquito feeds by sucking human blood, which causes pain, itching, and irritation of the skin at the site of the bite. Many people have skin hypersensitivity to mosquito bites. There are ponds and swamps where mosquitoes breed, and their presence is less in areas that enjoy dry weather.

6 . Hodotermes ochraceus

Termites are one of the names of insects that are not well known to us, as we do not see them in our homes, but like other types of ants, they live in large and organized colonies and feed on plants. It works directly, and termites often live in forests.

7. Pediculidae

Pediculidae is one of the well-known names of insects, and it often lives in the person's hair and reproduces by laying eggs and sticking them to the hair, which is difficult to remove from the hair. As the lice insect is transmitted from one person to another, lice are harmful insects that harm humans.

8. Sitophilus granarius

Sitophilus granarius is one of the well-known names of insects that each of us knows. When grain is stored for a long time, whether this is at home, or more often in grain and grain stores, the grain weevil appears while it feeds on the grain, causing damage and wasting a lot of it because it becomes in this The condition is not suitable for human use, which explains to us that the grain weevil is one of the names of harmful insects known to us.

9. Spodoptera littoralis

Spodoptera littoralis is one of the names of the insects that all farmers know because of the severe damage it causes to the cotton plants and thus the cotton crop, as the cottonworm lives and feeds on the leaves of the cotton plant and eggs are also laid on the cotton leaves, and the farmer does his best to combat this worm in all its forms chemically by spraying the fields with medicines It even uses types of aircraft designated for that in spraying operations, and manual control also to eliminate the cotton leaf insect, which has a very harmful effect on cotton cultivation and the cotton crop, and therefore the cotton leafworm is one of the most famous names of harmful insects.

10. Velvet Ants

Velvet Ants are among the names of insects that live in forests and are characterized by the presence of fluff (weak hair) on their bodies. They also live in large groups and feed on plants and other things they find in their environment. They are harmful insects that cause great damage to the surrounding environment.

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