50 Difficult Words with Meaning

50 Difficult Words with Meaning

50 Difficult Words with Meaning

Where can I find difficult English words that I can enrich my linguistic balance with? Or to improve my level, should I memorize English words? Looking for difficult English words to pronounce? What is the hardest English word?

 I found that difficult words in English find a good search on the Internet, through which advanced students and those who have an acceptable linguistic balance in the English language seek to enrich it. These words are frequently encountered when reading books in English or English courses online in various fields of science, whether the field of Medical, engineering, or other advice, so my brother's advice is to always keep a notebook and pen next to you, and this is to write down all the phrases in English that can be encountered in the day, and try to allocate time to memorize them, and also review and practice them. Believe me, this information will be established automatically if you put a good program with revision.

How do you deal with difficult English words?

The first and last piece of advice, dear reader, is to use a dictionary, and in my personal opinion, which I use, I use the Cambridge Dictionary, which provides English translation, and frankly, is the best English-English dictionary because it will form a basis for you in which you prefer to use the English language as part of your life, and I showed in a previous lesson about The best English dictionary in the English language and the best way to make the best use of dictionaries.

Secondly, during my formation of the article and the lesson, I found that there are English words that are difficult to pronounce, and there are English words that are difficult in themselves. Do not worry, I will explain each one separately.

When you come across English words that are difficult to pronounce, the difference lies in the accents, whether the British accent or the American accent and this depends on the type of courses that you are about to attend. There are specialized courses in teaching British English, and there are courses specialized in teaching American English, and you can visit the two previous teachers to obtain The best references.

Difficulty pronouncing difficult English words that may be from difficult spelling and not distinguishing between sounds. English phonetics has a great role to play in improving English pronunciation in addition to listening.

Similar words also in the English language play an important role in pronunciation and usually cause difficulties in differentiating between sounds, especially for beginners, and the video link that I posted explains everything in detail about the most important differences that lie in pronunciation between similarities in English.

List of difficult English words

  1. Abnegation: Renouncing a belief or belief
  2. Aggrandize: Enhance power, wealth, or standing
  3. Alacrity: Avidity
  4. Anachronistic: Misplaced chronologically
  5. Archetypal: Instance of an explicit kind
  6. Ascetic: One who practices self-denial as a part of the non-secular discipline
  7. Beguile: Influence somebody Associate in Nursing exceedingly in a very deceptive manner
  8. Blandishment: Intentional compliment for persuasion
  9. Cajole: Persuade by flattery or coaxing
  10. Callous: Disregard for others
  11. Camaraderie: A way of commonness arising out of familiarity and lovableness
  12. Circumlocution: Expressing someone in an indirect way
  13. Clamor: Proclaim one thing noisily
  14. Cognizant: Awareness or realization 
  15. Convivial: Pleasurable atmosphere or gay company
  16. Demagogue: A politico who uses rhetoric to charm to prejudices and needs of standard voters
  17. Denigrate: Belittle somebody
  18. Didactic: Instructive with an ethical intent
  19. Disparate: Of a definite kind
  20. Eclectic: Accounts for the simplest concepts and designs from a various vary of sources
  21. Egregious: Criminal or atrociously unhealthy
  22. Embezzlement: Misappropriation of funds
  23. Enervate: Lacking in vitality or mentally/ virtuously drained
  24. Equanimity: Maintaining calmness in trying things
  25. Fatuous: Empty intelligence
  26. Gratuitous: Uncalled-for or unwarranted
  27. Iconoclast: Someone who criticizes or attacks cherished concepts and beliefs
  28. Idiosyncratic: One thing peculiar to a private
  29. Incumbent: Something that's virtuously binding
  30. Inveterate: Habitual
  31. Libertarian: Somebody who cherishes ideas of power
  32. Licentious: Someone who is promiscuous
  33. Largess: Kindness or Generosity in bestowing gifts or cash
  34. multifarious: Multifaceted or numerous
  35. Obdurate: Being stubborn and refusing to alter one’s opinion
  36. Ostracism: Excluding an individual or sure section from society by majority consent
  37. Pejorative: Showing disapproval as a dialogic term.
  38. Pertinacious: Someone who is mulishly unyielding
  39. Phlegmatic: Expressing very little or no feeling
  40. Promulgate: To broadcast or associate ounce
  41. Quotidian: One thing that's of daily prevalence
  42. Recalcitrant: Proof against authority
  43. Sanctimonious: A pretense of being virtuously pious to exhibit ethical superiority
  44. Solipsism: The ism that solely self-existence is understood and everyone that exists
  45. Travesty: Distorting facts or imitation
  46. Ubiquitous: Ubiquitous or existing everyplace
  47. Vicissitude: An unwelcome or unpleasant modification in circumstances or fortune
  48. Vociferous: Something or somebody who is offensive/ prominently loud.
  49. Abject: Intimate with or present to the most degree of misery
  50. Heterogeneous: Numerous in content or character

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