50 idioms with their meanings

50 idioms with their meanings

50 idioms with their meanings

Idioms or idiomatic expressions are sentence combinations with several meanings rather than specific word meanings. It has symbolic and metaphorical idiomatic connotations. Many individuals struggle to grasp idioms due to their idiomatic connotations.

Here are 50 idioms and their meanings:

1. Cheapskate: Someone who despises spending money

2. Joined at the hip: Very close to someone

3. Elbow grease: Strenuous physical exertion

4. Oddball: A freak or unusual person

5. Down-To-Earth: Reasonable and realistic

6. Go-Getter: Someone who is active, enthusiastic, and takes the initiative to achieve their goals

7. Break a leg: Good luck

8. Cutting corners: Poorly doing a task to save time or money

9. Hang in there: Don’t give up

10. Pull yourself together: Please relax

11. Red tape: Official or bureaucratic duties

12. To be yellow: to be timid

13. To see red: To be enraged

14. Blackout: Faint

15. Black and blue: Define anything that has been severely bruised

16. Golden opportunity: deal opportunity

17. Have the blues: Be gloomy or melancholy

18. Black sheep: A person who brings shame to a family or organization

19. So far so good: Things are going nicely

20. A busybody: Someone who is always interested in other people's personal life

21. Oddball: A freak or unusual person

22. Down-To-Earth: Reasonable and realistic

23. Forty winks: A short nap

24. Barrel of laugh: an extremely funny person

25. Old as the hills: Some elderly people

26. Black sheep: to be the odd one out, to be different from the rest

27. Blue once a month: Indicates that it is quite unusual to observe

28. Take the red eye: This refers to a late-night trip that arrives early in the morning

29. Caught red-handed: To catch someone doing something while they are unaware

30. Green thumb: Implies being knowledgeable about gardening

31. Gray area: Is anything uncertain or undefined?

32. Green with envy: Indicates being jealous.

33. With flying colors: With great or complete success

34. Out of the blue: Meaning unexpectedly, without warning, and instantly

35. White lie: A tiny untruth told respectfully or to prevent hurting someone's feelings

36. Pink tickling: indicates that you are quite satisfied with the circumstance

37. Clean bill of health: This is a report that shows a person is healthy

38. Fit as a fiddle: In excellent health

39. In the pink of health: In excellent health

40. Under the weather: Indicates gradually ill or depressed

41. Look or feel like death warmed up: To seem or feel extremely unwell and exhausted

42. Frog in one’s throat: Speaking difficulty caused by a cough or sore throat

43. Go under the knife: To have surgery; this might also refer to aesthetic surgery

44. On one’s last legs: To be extremely exhausted, unwell, or on the verge of death

45. As right as rain: To be in good health

46. Blood Is Thicker Than Water: Family bonds trump all others

47. Brain Drain: The departure of smart, well-educated people from a location

48. No-Brainer: Something that does not necessitate thought

49. On the Blink: Not functioning, or only occasionally operating

50. Bend over Backwards: You go out of your way to accomplish something, especially if you want to be fair or helpful

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