Short Stories in English For Students

Short Stories in English For Students

Short Stories in English For Students

Short and expressive stories are, in fact, lessons from which we learn daily useful things. The situations we are exposed to in this life are many, but in the end, we always have to be aware that these stories teach us a lot. Today, short stories have become a great benefit, which is to conveying the lesson from the story to the child. Therefore, the child learns a lot about life through the events of this story, and today, through the Realistic Stories website, we are pleased to present to you two of the most beautiful stories for students, which are the story of the eagle and the chicken and the story of the teacher and the students. We hope that you will enjoy reading these stories, and we hope that you will like them.

The Story of the Eagle and the Chicken

A female eagle was living on top of a mountain, where the female eagle built one of the nests on a tree located above the mountain, and one day the female eagle laid 5 eggs, but unfortunately for her and because of an earthquake that hit the mountain, one of the eggs fell and rolled until she reached the chicken coop that Down the mountain, the chicken decided to keep this egg and take care of it until it hatched.

After some time, the egg hatched and the little eagle emerged from it. As soon as the little eagle saw the surrounding chicken, it thought it was one of them and started behaving like a chicken. The chicken took care of this eagle and raised it with the rest of the young. The days passed quickly, and this eagle grew, and the belief inside it is still that it is a chicken. And not an eagle, because he did not find anyone telling him that he is an eagle and that he has many characteristics that make him completely different from those around him.

One day, the little eagle was playing with the rest of the chickens next to the coop. The eagle looked at the sky and found a flock of eagles flying high. Then the little eagle said to himself: I wish I were like those eagles and could fly high in the sky. Then he took the chicken He heard this hadith mocking the eagle, so the little eagle grieved and lived his life believing that he was a chicken and that he was not an eagle.

The Moral of the Story

It is very important for a person to have a sufficient degree of confidence in himself, because that little eagle if he had enough confidence, would try to fly, and of course, because he is an eagle, he will be able to fly one day, and therefore self-confidence is considered a weapon that helps its owner in the most difficult confrontation challenges he may face in this life.

The Story of the Teacher and the Students

The events of this story revolve around a teacher who is loved by the students. One day, the teacher entered the classroom and asked the students to write each of them his best friend in this class, and for each student to write the most beautiful qualities that exist in his friend. The students were amazed at the reason the teacher prompted them to do so, but they did what the teacher asked them to do.

At the end of the class, the teacher collected the papers and said, “I will inform you about the result in tomorrow’s class.” The students were eager to see the result. Indeed, the next day came, and the teacher took out a set of papers. The teacher put the aforementioned characteristics for each student in a separate paper, and thus each student had a special paper.

The Moral of The Story

We must work to spread friendship and love among all, as doing so will eventually lead to the emergence of a society that knows no path to hate, a constructive society in which there is no enmity, especially among students, because the school is considered the second home for every student.

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