Daily Use English Sentences Conversations

Daily Use English Sentences Conversations

Daily Use English Sentences Conversations

Many seek during their journey to learn English to be able to have a full conversation in English; Talk about themselves in English, talk about study or work, and ask the other person about themselves to complete the conversation.

Of course, there are multiple English words and phrases that one must memorize to be able to express oneself in English and at the same time ask others to have a meaningful conversation. But don't worry, you don't have to be very proficient in English to have a successful conversation with someone. Today, through the Kaplan International English Language Institutes blog, we will present the most important English sentences that are used in conversation and that you can use.

The most important English sentences to ask about adverbs

  • How is everything?
  • How is it going?
  • What have you been up to?

How do you answer the question about the case in English?

After you have learned the previous sentences, you should know how to answer them if someone asks you. We will rank these answers according to your situation, from best to worst:

  • Getting by
  • Can't complain
  • Alright
  • Couldn't have been better
  • Never been better

The most important English phrases to say goodbye

You can say several sentences that are better than “Goodbye” to prove that you can use English more fluently than before:

  • Catch you later
  • I'll talk to you soon
  • t was nice talking to you

The most important English sentences for asking to wait

As you begin to develop your English-speaking skills, you should also learn a few sentences asking someone to wait for you to come back or talk to them. Of course, you won't say, “wait for me.” Instead, you'll try to learn and use the following sentences:

  • I'll be with you in a minute/four/nine minutes
  • Sorry, I'll meet you in five/ten/fifteen minutes

The most important English sentences for phrases of thanks

We all know the word “thank you” which is the simplest word to thank someone. But it is good to learn more eloquent sentences:

  • Thank you in advance
  • I am deeply grateful

How do you answer the phrase thanks in English?

When someone thanks you if you have given them something useful, you can respond with these sentences in English:

  • My pleasure
  • It was nothing

The most important English sentences for surprise and wonder

How many times have you felt a strong desire to express your surprise at something that happened in front of you and with your friends while you were studying abroad, for example, these sentences will help you in that:

  • You have got to be kidding me
  • That is impossible

We hope that we have succeeded in conveying these basic sentences so that you can speak English fluently and show your confidence in yourself and your language skills. You can find out how you can develop your different language skills to master speaking, writing, and listening by visiting the Kaplan International English Language Institute website.

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