How To Stop Forgetting Words

How To Stop Forgetting Words

How To Stop Forgetting The Words in English

Forgetting English words that we have already memorized is perhaps one of the most common problems facing English language learners.

In this article, we review some solutions through which you can remember words better.

1. Writing 

Whether you are practicing sentences or grammar, write with your hands when you write, it occupies your short-term memory professionally and with more focus and isolates it from external influences that may distract it.

2. Write differently

Change your handwriting where you write the same sentence more than once, but in different ways, and this helps to store information in short-term memory. As we said earlier, short-term memory is a gateway to long-term memory.

3. Try to Read A lot of Books and Articles

So the more difficult words you encounter, the more they are stored in long-term memory.

4. Try to Use Pictures

The sentences that you know and associate in your mind with certain images are effectively stored in your mind.

The Perfect Way To Memorize Words

Listen Carefully

You have to forget about the method of numbing the mind in memorizing words and start following a new method of memorizing that you see fit, such as listening to the words and knowing how to pronounce them correctly.

Use Your Imagination

Use your imagination when memorizing, and create a lively, entertaining picture, or a short story that is imprinted in your mind that connects the word and it's meaning to help you remember smoothly and comfortably.

Advantages of Using Imagination in the Learning Process

  1. It is an aid that helps you remember the word and its meaning as soon as you see the fictional image or story you created about it.
  2. Imagination takes less time than you think; Once you visualize a story, it shouldn't take more than a few seconds. So it is very easy to associate a story with a word you want to learn; And remember it quickly.
  3.  Each time you use visualization instead of having different conversations; Your brain will recall the words quickly, and then you will find moving between lists of words in your mind is not boring; Then you can have fun learning new and strange words.
  4. You can use this method with dozens of words, and make stories by imagining; It will become a natural process that you do faster, more enjoyable, and involved.
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