100 Examples of exclamatory sentences

100 Examples of exclamatory sentences

100 Examples of exclamatory sentences
100 Examples of exclamatory sentences

An English exclamatory sentence is a particular kind of main sentence that uses an exclamation to convey strong feelings.

They are unlike sentences that make a statement such as declarative sentences, explicit commands such as imperative sentences, or asking a question such as interrogatory sentences.

If we study for today, it talks about the exclamatory sentence in English, what are its forms, the rule for writing it, and when to use it correctly through our website learnenglish.com

List of Exclamatory sentences

let me give you 100 examples of exclamatory sentences:

  1. What a beautiful day it is!
  2. I can't believe I won the lottery!
  3. Wow, that's amazing!
  4. That was an incredible performance!
  5. How delicious this food tastes!
  6. What a cute puppy!
  7. You look fantastic in that outfit!
  8. That movie was so funny!
  9. What a talented musician!
  10. This is the best day ever!
  11. Holy cow, that's incredible!
  12. That sunset is so beautiful!
  13. How did you do that?!
  14. That's so impressive!
  15. What a wonderful surprise!
  16. This is the happiest day of my life!
  17. I'm so excited about our vacation!
  18. Wow, I never knew that!
  19. That's absolutely stunning!
  20. That's unbelievable!
  21. What a great idea!
  22. That's so funny, I can't stop laughing!
  23. What a talented artist!
  24. That's so awesome!
  25. How did you come up with that?!
  26. I can't believe we're finally here!
  27. That's so cool!
  28. What a beautiful painting!
  29. I can't believe I just skydived!
  30. This is the best news ever!
  31. That's so inspiring!
  32. How did you make this so perfect?!
  33. What a fantastic day it's been!
  34. That's so impressive, I'm blown away!
  35. Wow, that's a beautiful dress!
  36. I can't believe we're watching the sunset over the ocean!
  37. What a great book this is!
  38. I'm so grateful for this moment!
  39. That's so creative!
  40. What a delicious dessert!
  41. I can't believe I just ran a marathon!
  42. This is the happiest I've ever been!
  43. That's so breathtaking!
  44. What an amazing view!
  45. Wow, you're so talented!
  46. I can't believe we just hiked to the top of the mountain!
  47. What a beautiful garden!
  48. I'm so proud of you!
  49. That's so magnificent!
  50. How did you learn to do that?!
  51. What a beautiful wedding!
  52. I can't believe we just saw a double rainbow!
  53. That's so impressive, I'm in awe!
  54. What an incredible experience!
  55. I can't believe we just swam with dolphins!
  56. What a beautiful voice!
  57. That's so extraordinary!
  58. How did you make this so quickly?!
  59. What a wonderful surprise party!
  60. I'm so impressed!
  61. That's so majestic!
  62. What an amazing accomplishment!
  63. I can't believe we just saw the Northern Lights!
  64. What a beautiful garden you have!
  65. I'm so happy for you!
  66. That's so unbelievable!
  67. How did you manage to do that?!
  68. What a beautiful day for a picnic!
  69. I can't believe we just went on a hot air balloon ride!
  70. That's so impressive, I'm speechless!
  71. What a fantastic performance by the singer!
  72. I'm so thrilled to be here!
  73. That's so incredible, I can't believe it!
  74. How did you make this taste so good?!
  75. What a beautiful beach!
  76. That's so breathtaking, I'm in awe!
  77. What a wonderful gift!
  78. I can't believe we just saw a whale in the wild!
  79. That's so impressive, you're a genius!
  80. How did you come up with that brilliant solution?!
  81. What a beautiful garden party!
  82. I'm so grateful for this opportunity!
  83. That's so majestic, I feel like royalty!
  84. What an incredible achievement!
  85. I can't believe we just saw a bald eagle!
  86. That's so amazing, I'm amazed!
  87. How did you create this masterpiece?!
  88. What a beautiful beach house!
  89. This is the most perfect day!
  90. That's so impressive, I'm stunned!
  91. What a wonderful performance by the actors!
  92. I'm so excited to be here!
  93. That's so inspiring, I feel motivated!
  94. How did you make this so beautiful?!
  95. What a beautiful park!
  96. That's so incredible, I'm blown away!
  97. What an incredible talent!
  98. Wow, this is the most luxurious hotel I've ever stayed in!
  99. I'm so grateful to be alive!
  100. That's so fantastic, I'm over the moon!

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