Short Story of Snow White

Short Story of Snow White

Short Story of Snow White

The story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a global children's story, and it is one of the most famous stories for children, and it has been represented in several films and children's programs in all languages, and some details in the story differed from one novel to another, and here is a narration of the story of Snow White It is taken from more than one version of it, and it is a narrative divided into four chapters.

Snow White and the Queen's Mirror and the Huntsman

On a cold winter's day, when snowflakes were falling from the clouds like white pigeon feathers, a queen sat at the window of her palace, enjoying the beautiful view, and amusing herself by sewing some pieces of cloth. And when she looked at the snow, she forgot that the needle was in her hand, and she took her hands out of the window to touch the snow, so she pricked her finger, and drops of blood fell from it on the snow. And when the queen saw the redness of blood upon the whiteness of snow, she delighted herself at the sight, and prayed that she would give birth to a child as white as snow, and to have lips as red as blood, and hair as black as the ebony wood of which the window frame was made.

Not long after that situation, her prayers were answered, and she gave birth to a baby girl with the same characteristics she wished for, except that the queen died immediately after the baby was born. 

A year after the death of the queen, the king married again to a beautiful woman, but she was so arrogant, arrogant, and envious that she could not bear to see another beautiful woman beside her. And this new queen had a magic mirror, standing in front of her every day staring at her, and asking her: “My mirror, my mirror, tell me, who is the most beautiful woman in the world?” And the answer always came from the mirror: “You are the most beautiful among all women.” This daily dialogue is used to make the queen feel satisfied and comfortable, as she knows very well that a woman cannot lie about what she says. 

This remained the case until a day came when the queen, as usual, stood in front of her magic mirror and asked her: Who is the most beautiful woman in the world? But this time the mirror answered, "You are very beautiful, Queen, but Snow White is more beautiful." The Queen was stunned by the mirror's answer, and from that moment she did not stop hating Snow White for one moment.

The Queen's growing hatred of Snow White led her to ask one of the hunters to take Snow White to the forest and kill her with his knife in the bushes, and she asked him to extract Snow White's heart from her chest and bring it to her as evidence proving that he had killed her, so she would reward him. 

Indeed, the hunter took his knife and took Snow White to The forest behind the mountains to kill. And when the hunter reached the desired place in the woods, Snow White began to weep bitterly and begged him to leave her in the woods instead of killing her, and promised him that she would not return to the palace.

The hunter was affected by Snow White's crying, especially when she was a beautiful and gentle girl. He parted his heart and put the knife aside, releasing Snow White in the forest, hunting a wild deer, taking his heart, and locking him back with him in the evil queen's palace. He showed her the heart and told her that it was Snow White's heart, so it happened for his reward. 

Snow White in the Seven Dwarfs Cottage 

The poor little girl found herself alone in the forest, and she was afraid of the dense trees, and she was terrified of the attack of predatory animals on her, and it was only from her that she started running over sharp gravel and pointed rocks, and between branches and thorns, and wild animals jumped around her from here and there, but without To hurt her, so Snow White released her legs to the wind, running as fast as she could, and remained like this until evening was approaching, and then Snow White saw a small hut, so she decided to enter it to take a break. 

Snow-white's attention was soon caught by the small size of everything in the hut. Spoons, cups, pots, and furniture were all small, and at the same time, they were very neat and tidy. and on the table in the kitchen lay seven plates, each with a teaspoon, knife, and fork, and seven cups; Each cup was neatly placed next to a plate. On the opposite side of the kitchen, seven small beds were lined up against the wall, covered with snow-white sheets.

Snow White at that moment was starving and thirsty, so she did not resist the sight and smell of bread and vegetables in the dishes, so she ate a little of it, and drank grape juice; A sip from each cup, then she threw herself on the bed that fit her from the seven beds, and fell into a deep sleep. 

When night came and darkness fell, the owners of the hut returned home; They were seven dwarves who searched for precious metals and gems in the mountains around their hut. As soon as they entered the hut, each of them lit a candle, and the hut became lit, which made them notice that someone had entered the hut because things are not in the usual order that they know well, so they began to wonder:

  • The first dwarf said: Who was sitting on my chair?
  • The second dwarf said: Who was eating from my plate? 
  • The third dwarf said: Who has taken some of my bread? 
  • The fourth dwarf said: Who ate my vegetables? 
  • The fifth dwarf said: Who used my fork? 
  • The sixth dwarf said: Who used my knife? 

The seventh dwarf said: Who drank from my cup?

Snow White did not wake up from sleep despite the uproar caused by the entry of the dwarves into the house because of her exhaustion, and after the dwarves noticed that one of the beds had no mattress, and there was a cavity indicating the presence of someone in it, someone noticed Snow White who was sleeping in that bed and called Others to look at this child, who, as soon as they approached her with their candles, even snow-white appeared under the light falling from the candles with her charming beauty.

And the seven dwarfs sighed, all taken by the beauty of this gentle child, and they were careful not to wake her from her sleep, so they left her on the bed, and the dwarf, who took Snow White's place, slept next to his friends.

When Snow White woke up in the morning, she was horrified to see the seven dwarfs staring at her, but the kindness shown by each of them when talking to her made her reassured. and the dwarves began to ask questions to Snow White; What is your name And where did you come from? And what brought you here? And what is your story? Snow White answered their questions and told them the story of her evil stepmother, how she asked the hunter to take her to the forest and kill her, to the last story that happened to her.

When Snow White finished telling her story to the dwarfs, they made her an offer that Snow White found very nice; They offered her to stay in the hut in which they lived, and to provide her with food, drink, and warmth, in return for her taking care of the house, cleaning and arranging it, cooking food for them, sewing their clothes for them, and arranging their beds, and Snow White accepted the dwarves' offer with happiness and a welcome heart.

The dwarves went out to the mountain to dig for precious metals, as usual, and when they came back in the evening they found dinner ready, hot, and delicious. After dinner, one of the dwarfs went to Snow White, addressing her in a cautionary tone, telling her to take care and not allow anyone to enter the hut; Sooner or later her stepmother will know where Snow White is and will know that she is not dead, and will come to her to kill her herself.

Snow White is poisoned

When the hunter returned with the deer's heart, which he had disguised as Snow White's heart, the Queen was overjoyed and ran to her magic mirror., "My mirror, my mirror, tell me who the most beautiful person in the world is," I urged her. The mirror declared, "Snow White is still the most attractive girl on earth, and right here she lives so blissfully in the dwarfs' home out in the woods.

Then the queen disguised herself in the clothes of an old peasant, put some poison in an apple and put it in a basket with other apples, and set off quickly to the hut where Snow White resides, and crossed the swamps and trees that she encountered on the way without concern until she reached the bank of a river, where lies The dwarves' cottage is across from it, and at that moment Snow White was waving her hand to the dwarves who were walking away from the cottage on their way to work.

Snow White heard a knock at the door while she was working on the house; She approached the door and, remembering the advice of the dwarves, asked cautiously: "Who is at the door?" A woman's voice came from behind the door saying, "I am the apple seller"Thank you, madam," answered Snow-white, "I don't want apples, and I can't open the door to anyone, those are the instructions of the owners of the cottage." 

"You're a good girl," said the woman, "if those are the instructions of the owners of the house, I'd do well to follow you." To her, and because you are a polite good, and honest girl, I will offer you one of the most gorgeous and tasty apples I have! After making a small hole in the door, Snow White nibbled on the apple and ate three bits before collapsing to the ground without realizing what had happened.. to the poison on her apple After the evil queen witnessed what happened, she ran away on the way back to the palace, and on her way, she stumbled while crossing the swamp, and got stuck in the quicksand that swallowed her, and no one heard her screams, so she raided the ground without there being any trace of her.

Meanwhile, the weather became stormy and the rain was heavy, so the dwarves felt worried about Snow White, who was alone in the hut, so they decided to go back to check on her. And when they came to the house, they were dumbfounded to see Snow-white lying motionless on the ground, with the apple on her side. The dwarves tried everything to make her awake but to no avail.

The Prince and Snow White are brought back to life 

The dwarfs stood over the body of Snow White lying on the ground, trying to treat her illness, but to no avail, so they began to weep bitterly over her loss, then put her in a coffin made of glass, filled it with roses and flowers, and took her to the forest and placed her next to a land planted with different types of flowers, and they visited her. Every day, and every visit they put a flower on her coffin.

Then one day, as usual, the dwarfs went to Snow White's glass casket to place a flower on it, only to see a lovely young man standing next to it. to the coffin and staring at Snow White's face, so they asked him what he was doing there, so he told them that he was one of the princes, and that he passed by the coffin, and was enchanted by the beauty of Snow White, and that he would like to he can take her to the palace; Hopefully, the doctors there can help her. Then the prince opened the coffin for Snow White.

And something happened that stunned everyone, and as soon as the prince kissed Snow White, she opened her eyes and awoke from her coma, as the poisoned apple came out of her throat.

Everyone was pleased with Snow White's escape from death, so he asked for her hand in marriage, and she, in turn, agreed. And Snow White went with the prince to live with him as a wife in his palace, and the dwarves said goodbye reluctantly, telling her how much they loved her staying with them. And since that day, Snow White lived in the prince's palace, but she did not forget the dwarves, the forest, and the hut, and kept visiting them from time to time, and spending time with them.

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