Weather Sentences and Words in English

Weather Sentences and Words in English

Weather Sentences and Words in English

To learn the English language, you must learn its vocabulary, as it is the basis and backbone for learning the language. Here is a new set of the most used words related to weather, climatic conditions, meteorology, and daily weather conditions. Learn it and memorize it to enrich your vocabulary in the English language. Memorizing this vocabulary helps a lot while learning a new language. And remember, there is the correct pronunciation next to each word.

Terms and words of the weather in English

  • weather  
  • weather a storm  
  • weather-beaten  
  • weather bureau  
  • weather chart  
  • weather deck  
  • weather eye  
  • weather forecast  
  • weather prophet  
  • weather report
  • weather ship
  • weather station
  • weather strip
  • weather through
  • weather vane
  • weatherboarding
  • weathercocks
  • weathered
  • weather glass
  • weathering
  • weatherman
  • weatherproof
  • weatherproofed
  • hot
  • warm
  • rain
  • snow
  • frost
  • freeze  
  • cold  
  • sunny  
  • hailstone  
  • thunder  
  • dew  
  • fog  
  • cloudy  
  • overcast  
  • rain and snow
  • thunderstorm  
  • wind  
  • strong wind

Sentences of weather 

Here are  sentences about the weather:

  • Dark clouds are gathering on the horizon, indicating an approaching storm.
  • The temperature is gradually dropping as winter settles in.
  • A thick blanket of fog obscures visibility on the roads.
  • The rain is falling steadily, creating a soothing sound on the roof.
  • A rainbow emerges after a passing rain shower, adding a burst of color to the sky.
  • The air feels crisp and cool on a sunny autumn day.
  • Strong gusts of wind are causing tree branches to sway and leaves to scatter.
  • A layer of frost covers the ground, making it glisten in the morning light.
  • Lightning flashes across the sky, illuminating the dark clouds.
  • The heat is oppressive, with temperatures soaring above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Snowflakes gently float down from the sky, covering the landscape in a soft white blanket.
  • The humidity is high, making the air feel thick and heavy.
  • A hailstorm unleashes small balls of ice that pelt against windows and rooftops.
  • A tornado warning has been issued, and residents are urged to seek shelter immediately.
  • The sky is overcast, casting a gray and gloomy mood over the city.
  • The weather forecast predicts a chance of scattered showers throughout the day.
  • A heatwave has settled over the region, causing record-breaking temperatures.
  • The ocean waves crash forcefully against the shore during a storm.
  • The snowstorm has caused roads to become treacherous, leading to numerous accidents.
  • The wind chill factor makes the temperature feel much colder than it is.
  • A drizzle is falling, creating a misty ambiance.
  • The weather conditions are ideal for a picnic, with clear skies and moderate temperatures.
  • The sun is setting, painting the sky with vibrant hues of orange and pink.
  • A dense fog envelops the landscape, reducing visibility to a few feet.
  • The barometer indicates a drop in atmospheric pressure, signaling an approaching storm.
  • The weather is unseasonably warm for this time of year, breaking previous temperature records.
  • Thunder rumbles in the distance, creating an ominous atmosphere.
  • A gentle breeze carries the scent of blooming flowers through the air.
  • The weather conditions are perfect for outdoor activities, with a light breeze and comfortable temperatures.
  • A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued, cautioning residents about potential hazards.
  • The temperature is steadily rising, prompting people to seek relief in air-conditioned spaces.
  • The sky is a vivid shade of blue, without a single cloud in sight.
  • A light mist blankets the early morning, adding a touch of mystery to the surroundings.
  • The ground is saturated with rainwater, causing puddles to form everywhere.
  • The weather is unpredictable, with sudden changes in temperature and conditions.
  • A heat advisory is in effect, urging people to stay hydrated and seek shade.
  • The wind carries the scent of the sea, reminding us of its proximity.
  • A light dusting of snow covers the rooftops, creating a picturesque winter scene.
  • The weather is dry, with no signs of rainfall in sight.
  • A gentle drizzle provides much-needed relief from the scorching heat.
  • The weather conditions are ideal for stargazing, with a clear and cloudless sky.
  • The sky is filled with dark and ominous clouds, indicating an approaching thunderstorm.

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