Common legal words and their meanings

Common legal words and their meanings

Common legal words and their meanings
Common legal words and their meanings

If you are interested in the legal field and want to know the most famous legal terms in the English language, you must know that there are hundreds or even thousands of technical words that are specifically used for legal content only. You may wonder where it is possible to encounter legal content in English in your daily life, and the answer is that you may encounter it without knowing it, for example, on shopping sites, where each of these sites has a privacy policy, a purchase policy, and special laws that you must read before submitting an application. . Since English is the most widely used language on the Internet in terms of digital data, 3/4 of websites use it in order to expand access to their customers.

Here are some English terms related to the legal field that you will come across:

  • Covenant: A covenant is the coming together of two wills for one goal.
  • Intents: mutual agreement on something
  • Undertake: Commitment to what is offered
  • Good faith: performing the contract correctly
  • Terminate: Termination of the contract
  • Damages: Damage to the second party or the subject of the contract
  • Penal Clause: The penal clause is added as a condition: If the obligations of the contract are not adhered to, the violating party must implement the penal clause.

Terms related to individuals in the legal field:

  • Lawyer
  • Defendant
  • Judge
  • Jury
  • Paralegal
  • testimonials
  • Prosecutor
  • Plaintiff

Some of the most common issues are:

  • Civil Suit
  • Product Liability Suit
  • Wrongful Termination Suit
  • Medical Malpractice Suit

Because we are keen to help everyone learn the English language easily and to memorize some linguistic terms that are used in daily life, and since digital data has now become the most attractive thing in these times, we offer classes and courses for the English language specialized in work fields that are available to all age groups.

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