The story of saving the forest for children

The story of saving the forest for children

The story of saving the forest for children
The story of saving the forest for children

The story of saving the forest is a meaningful story for young children, presented to you by the Learn English website, which is known to contain the most beautiful children’s bedtime stories.

This story tells about four animals

A giraffe, a crocodile, a monkey, and a bird. They were able to form friendships with each other, and when the forest was exposed to the danger of fire, what did the friends do? This is what we will learn in the story below.

The Jasmine Forest was a large, dense forest full of life. In the heart of the forest, there was a small lake with fresh water coming from a nearby waterfall, and around the lake lived a group of different animals.

One day, a little giraffe named Zahra woke up early to a strange sound coming from the direction of the lake.

Zahra went to check on the matter and found, next to the lake, a crocodile crying loudly with tears streaming from his eyes.

Zahra asked him, “What’s wrong with you, crocodile?" and Why are you crying?".

The crocodile looked at her sadly and said, “Oh little giraffe, I am crying because I lost my dear friend, the frog, Coco. He lived here in this lake for more than a year, and we were best friends and always spent time and had fun together, and now he has gone to another forest and left me alone.”

Zahra felt sad because of the crocodile’s condition and said to him, “Do not be sad, crocodile. I will help you search for a new friend.”

The crocodile smiled and said, “Thank you, Zahra; you are really kind-hearted.”

Thus began Zahra's adventure with the crocodile in the forest to search for his new friend. Zahra and the crocodile followed the search in the forest.

After wandering a little in the forest, they found a small monkey also crying, so the crocodile and Zahra approached him and asked him why he was crying, and the monkey said that he had lost his mother and was alone and could not find food.

The crocodile felt the little monkey’s sadness, so he said to him, “Do not be sad, monkey. We will help you. Come and live with us.”

Then the monkey was happy and went with them, and after that, the three continued searching together until they found a bird with one of its wings injured and unable to fly.

When the crocodile, the little monkey, and the giraffe approached Zahra, the bird said to them, “One of my wings is severely injured. I will either die of starvation or fall prey to one of the predatory animals.”

The crocodile told him, "Don't be afraid.". Come with us, and we will protect you until your wing is healed.” Then the bird was very happy and went with them.

With the passage of time, the four became inseparable friends, lived together, and helped each other. At that time, the crocodile was very happy because he found new friends who would not leave him, like Coco the frog, and the four friends lived in happiness and affection.

Zahra continued her adventures in the forest, met many animals, helped many of them, and gained the respect and love of everyone in the forest because of her good heart and good intentions. Zahra became a symbol of goodness in the jasmine forest.

The adventures of Zahra and her friends in the forest continued. One day, the bird was flying over the forest when it saw thick smoke rising from nearby.

The bird immediately landed and told Zahra and her friends about the smoke. The crocodile then said, "This indicates that there is a forest fire." "We need to move quickly."

The friends went to the site of the fire and found that the fire had begun to consume the dense trees of the forest, and they heard the screams of some animals that had become trapped by the fire.

Zahra said, “We must help them!” Oh, crocodile, fill your mouth with water from the lake and put out the fire. And you, monkey, climb to the top of the trees and rescue the stranded animals, and I will use my long neck as a ladder and take the animals from you without coming down from the top of the tree to reduce the distance to you.”

The friends worked quickly, and the crocodile succeeded in extinguishing many of the flames; the monkey succeeded in saving many birds and small animals; and Zahra also succeeded in receiving the animals from the monkey and removing them from the fire area.

After a long effort, the friends succeeded in putting out the fire, and the forest was only damaged in a small area.

The friends became heroes in the forest as they saved many of its inhabitants from destruction, and they had the greatest credit for saving the Jasmine Forest from destruction and the death of its animal inhabitants.

Then all the animals thanked them for what they had done, and all the animals learned from their wonderful cooperation, good behavior, and intelligence in dealing with difficult situations.

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