100 useful expressions with have

100 useful expressions with have

100 useful expressions with have
100 useful expressions with have

Collocations with "have" are useful expressions that combine words in a way that sounds natural in English. These collocations can convey various meanings, including possession, experiences, and emotions. Here are 100 useful collocations with "have."

  1. Have a baby: to give birth to a child
  2. Have a backache: to experience pain or discomfort in the back
  3. Have a bad fall: to fall down with significant force and potentially suffer an injury.
  4. Have a bad temper: to have a tendency to become angry or lose one's temper easily.
  5. Have a bath: to take a bath or soak in a tub of water for cleanliness or relaxation purposes.
  6. Have a birthday: celebrate the day of one's birth.
  7. Have a bite: to eat something quickly or casually.
  8. Have a break: to take a short rest or pause from work or activity.
  9. Have a business trip: travel for work-related purposes.
  10. Have a busy day: to have a day with many tasks or activities
  11. Have a career or a goal: to have a job or a purpose in life.
  12. Have a chance: to have an opportunity to do something
  13. Have a chat: to have a conversation with someone, usually informally.
  14. Have a cold: to have a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract
  15. Have a competition: to participate in a contest or a game with others.
  16. Have a confrontation: to have a disagreement or a conflict with someone.
  17. Have a conversation or chat to talk with someone about various topics.
  18. Have a cup of tea or coffee: to drink tea or coffee, usually with someone else.
  19. Have a dance: to move your body rhythmically to music.
  20. Have a day off: Take a day off from work or school.
  21. Have a discussion. to talk about something in detail, often to make a decision.
  22. Have a dispute: to have a disagreement or an argument with someone
  23. Have a doubt: to have uncertainty or suspicion about something
  24. Have a dream: to have a goal or a desire that you want to achieve.
  25. Have a drill: to practice a skill or a procedure, often in a military or emergency context.
  26. Have a drink: to consume an alcoholic beverage
  27. Have a feeling: to have an intuition or a hunch about something
  28. Have a fight: to have a physical or verbal conflict with someone
  29. Have a fit: to have a sudden, uncontrollable outburst of emotion.
  30. Have a game: to play a game, often with others.
  31. Have a glass of wine: to drink wine, usually with a meal
  32. Have a go: to try to do something, often with enthusiasm or determination.
  33. Have a goal: to have a purpose or an objective in life.
  34. Have a good time: to enjoy yourself and have fun.
  35. Have a good, nice, etc. day! to wish someone a happy and enjoyable day.
  36. Have a great weekend: to have an enjoyable and relaxing weekend
  37. Have a haircut: have your hair cut by a hairdresser or a barber.
  38. Have a hard time: to struggle or have difficulty doing something
  39. Have a headache: to have pain or discomfort in the head
  40. Have a holiday: take a break from work or school and travel or relax.
  41. Have a jacuzzi: relax in a hot tub with water jets.
  42. Have a jog: to run at a slow pace for exercise or pleasure.
  43. Have a laugh: to laugh or find something funny.
  44. Have a lecture: to attend a formal speech or presentation, often in an academic context.
  45. Have a lesson: to receive instruction or teaching in a particular subject.
  46. Have a lie-down: to lie down and rest, often for a short period of time.
  47. Have a limp: to walk with a limp, often due to an injury or a medical condition.
  48. Have a lisp: to have a speech impediment that affects the pronunciation of "s" and "z" sounds.
  49. Have a listen: to listen to something, often with attention or interest.
  50. Have a look: to look at something, often with interest or curiosity.
  51. Have a massage: receive a therapeutic or relaxing touch on your body.
  52. Have a meal: to eat a meal, often with others.
  53. Have a meeting to gather with others to discuss or make decisions.
  54. Have a moment to take a short pause or reflect, often to gather your thoughts.
  55. Have a nap: to take a short sleep, often during the day.
  56. Have a nightmare: to have a bad dream that causes fear or anxiety
  57. Have a party or concert: to gather with others to celebrate or enjoy music.
  58. Have a plan: to have a strategy or a scheme for achieving something
  59. Have a problem: to have a difficulty or an issue that needs to be solved.
  60. Have a quarrel: to have a disagreement or an argument with someone.
  61. Have a relationship: to have a personal or romantic connection with someone
  62. Have a rest: to relax or sleep for a while, often to recover from fatigue.
  63. Have a ride: to travel by vehicle, often for pleasure.
  64. Have a right: to have a legal or moral entitlement to something
  65. Have a run: to run for exercise or pleasure.
  66. Have a salad: to eat a dish made of raw or cooked vegetables, often with a dressing.
  67. Have a sandwich: to eat a sandwich, often for a quick meal.
  68. Have a scrub: to clean something thoroughly, often with a brush or a sponge.
  69. Have a shave: to remove hair from your face or body, often with a razor.
  70. Have a shower to wash your body with water and soap, often in a standing position.
  71. Have a smell: to smell or sniff something, often to identify or appreciate its scent.
  72. Have a snack: to eat a small amount of food, often between meals.
  73. Have a snooze: to take a short sleep, often during the day.
  74. Have a stretch: to extend your body or a part of it, often to relieve tension or stiffness.
  75. Have a swim: to swim for exercise or pleasure.
  76. Have a talk: to have a conversation or a discussion with someone.
  77. Have a taste: to try or taste something, often to evaluate its flavor.
  78. Have a temperature: to have a body temperature that is higher than normal
  79. Have a thought: to take some time to consider or reflect on something.
  80. Have a touch: to have physical contact with something or someone.
  81. Give it a try: to attempt or make an effort to do something.
  82. Have a walk: to walk for exercise or pleasure.
  83. Have a wash: to clean something thoroughly, often with water and soap.
  84. Have a wish: to have a desire or a hope for something
  85. Have a word: to have a conversation or a discussion with someone.
  86. Have a workout: to exercise or train your body, often to improve your fitness or strength.
  87. Have access (to): to have the ability or the right to use or enter a place or a resource
  88. Have an accident: to have an unplanned and unfortunate event that causes harm or damage
  89. Have an appointment with: to have a scheduled meeting or a consultation with someone
  90. Have an argument: to have a disagreement or a conflict with someone
  91. Have an effect on: to cause a change or an influence on something or someone
  92. Have an energy bar: eat a snack that contains carbohydrates and protein for energy.
  93. Have an event: to participate in a social or cultural activity that has a specific purpose or theme.
  94. Have an excuse: to have a reason or a justification for not doing something.
  95. Have an experience: to have a personal encounter or a participation in something
  96. Have an idea: to have a thought or a concept that can be expressed or communicated
  97. Have an interview: to have a formal conversation or a meeting with someone, often for a job or a promotion.
  98. Have an opportunity: to have a chance or a possibility to do something
  99. Have breakfast, lunch, or dinner: to eat a meal that is usually consumed in the morning, at noon, or in the evening.
  100. Have work: to have a job or a task that requires effort or attention.

These collocations can help you express yourself more fluently and accurately in English, as well as help you understand spoken or written English. By learning and practicing these collocations, you can improve your vocabulary and your overall proficiency in English.

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